Note from Pastor

Hey Fellowship Rogers,

We are gearing up for the fall ministry season and our pastoral staff team has been hard at work. Our mantra has been something like this: “Waiting to return to normal is not a strategy.”

We have been asking a question: how can we effectively BE THE CHURCH during a pandemic? Our calling as a church is not dependent on favorable conditions. We must adapt and adjust to be the church in our current context.

We are excited to roll out our fall plan, Circles of 6. You can learn all about our strategy here. 

Here is a sneak peek:

-Community groups getting smaller and keeping it simple in order to meet in these conditions.

-6 People, 4 Commitments, 4 Months

Here is the truth: things will be different this fall. This doesn’t mean that it has to be less effective. Our challenges do not necessarily have to restrain us, in fact, they could catalyze us to see life change like we have never seen before.


Ways to Engage

As you seek to grow personally through prayer and Scripture reading, continue to reach out to people in your Fellowship circle. This may include people in your current Community Group, other friends from a previous Community Group, someone that you have served with at church, friends that you normally see on weekends at Fellowship, people who have impacted the lives of others in your family, etc. Make time to reach out by writing a note, typing an email, making a call, or sending a text. Strive to be an encourager and be sure to pray for them.

Many of our small groups – Community Groups, Cell Groups, Women’s Studies, Discover Groups, Step Studies, etc. – have continued to find ways to meet together while observing appropriate social distancing. Some are meeting online through a video or chat platform like Skype or Google Hangouts. Others are finding creative ways to adapt to the new safety guidelines and still keep groups connected.

Our Clarity sermon series will continue as planned - watch recorded services here. We encourage you to continue reading, listening, praying, and studying through all the available Clarity Resources at home during the week. FREE Clarity devotional books are available for pick-up, located on a cart outside the doors of the Training Center entrance or download the pdf.


Curriculum boxes coming soon: The Early Childhood team will provide families with infant-preschool age children a curriculum box (at no cost to families). The TRUST box will have 6 weeks of Bible stories and lessons accompanied by activities, crafts, questions and online resources for September and October. In order to prepare enough boxes, you will need to register to receive one. Please register yourself for your family by August 28 to reserve a box (each family will receive one box). Pick up days will be September 8th-12th. Questions? Contact Robyn Yates.


The FSM team wants to help equip our student's to steward this time wisely, so we have put together additional resources for 7th-12th graders. We have devotionals, prayer guides, sermons and studies available for students on our FSM App and on our website. You can also follow us on Instagram.

Join a Cell Group
Cell Groups are launching in our new format on August 19th! You can listen to Hunter House explain this new format here. If you'd like to join a group, click here!

Training Center
Upcoming Classes
Classes Begin Sunday, September 13
Google Classroom
Please join us for any of the following online classes this fall! Class sessions are pre-recorded videos that can be watched each week followed by discussion questions to answer and assignments to assess learning. There will be scheduled, live Q&A sessions as well. This class set-up offers a great opportunity for you to engage the material with family members or your community/small group to grow and learn together. Upon registration, you will receive an email with information to access Google Classrooms with the class code and information about picking up your book. Questions? Contact Tonya Newman

Align…Your Finances with the Heart of God
A six-session class on how to move from frustration to freedom in dealing with finances from a Biblical point of view.

Panorama of the Bible
This 12-session class will give you a broad understanding of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation.

We Believe: Study of Theology
12-session survey of the basic doctrines of the Scriptures following an outline approach to systematic theology or basic Biblical doctrine.

Personal Bible Study I
This six-session class teaches basic principles of self-guided, inductive Bible study.

The Ride Home with Mickey Rapier | New Podcast
“The Ride Home” connects the people of Fellowship with Truth that changes lives. Join Mickey Rapier weekly as he explores all things Fellowship - the scriptures, changed-life stories, interviews, cultural issues, and more. Available now on Apple Podcast, Google Play, and Spotify

Ways to Pray

  • Pray for wisdom for our elders as they process the right time to open back up for small group and worship gatherings.

  • Pray for our church to continue to serve those in need in NWA.

  • Thank God for His continued provision through the generosity of Fellowship.

  • Pray for the eradication of the Covid-19 virus in our world and for healing for those infected.

  • Pray for our health care workers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to serve in this time.

Ways to Serve

Fellowship Job Opportunities:
    • Night Custodian – three positions
    • Buildings and Grounds Painter
If you have interest, please contact Human Resources for more information.

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